Word Link功能

The best part of this game is the Word Link features!

Don’t miss out on the Word Link features! Compared to other word games, Word Link has seven extra game modes. These comprise of: Mole Mode, Nail Mode, Imagine Mode, Find Mode, Tooth Mode, Line Mode and Snake Mode. Each mode will test your abilities. Below, we elaborate on the seven extra game modes! See which ones you prefer playing in the most!



One of them is Mole Mode. The mechanics of the game is simple. Find the misspelled word in the selection by hitting a mole. Cute, huh?



Another extra game mode of Word Link is the Nail mode. This is as simple as the mole mode but the other way around. Instead of finding misspelled words in the selection, you need to find the correct word among the choices by hitting the nail.



Fan of psychological image tests? Like typical psychological tests, the mode will show a drawing. It will contain a composite image of two or more images which are difficult to recognize at the same time. Then, there will be a set of words that you need to find in that image. It will test your ability to focus and exercise your creativity.




Do you enjoy finding hidden objects? In Find mode you’re not looking for hidden objects. You’ll be looking for hidden words in the image instead. Sounds like a really simple challenge? Can’t say we disagree – it’s not that hard.  Don’t forget that it can improve your performance on visual search and spatial working memory tasks.




This looks like a cute dental game, but it is not really like that. The mechanics of the game works the same as though you’re a dentist. There four teeth in the game. Each tooth corresponds a word. You need to find the wrong answer by extracting the tooth that has the wrong word. Move the extraction forceps left and right! What a quirky little mode, lol!



Word Link got a variety of test to enhance your brain’s ability to think better. One such activity is the Line Mode. Line Mode is based on the typical matching type exam. Matching type exams are effective to measure your ability to identify the relationship or association between similar items. Like any other matching type, you need to draw a line to connect each word that describes the pictures on the right side.



Are you a fan of the old snake game? Word Link created an extra game mode called the Snake Mode. Similar to the concept of the old snake game, play and eat food and you grow but if you bump into something you’ll become smaller! In Word Link, it always has a twist! The concept of the Snake mode is you will start with a 3-length snake, and you’d have two words to choose from. You need to choose the right word to keep you moving forward. Every rightly spelled word you choose will earn you a diamond reward! During the game, you will find some red dots. These red dots help you to increase your length. Just don’t forget to bump in the blocks as it decreases your snake length for every bump you do.


The best Word Game ever! Play it offline any time!

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