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How to Solve Word Link Level 99?

Solving Word Link Level 99 is no easy task

The maker of Word Link, Worzle games, creates difficult levels after each round. What about Word Link Level 99?


Many people have trouble with Level 99. If you need help completing this level, you have come to the right place! Many levels have repeating letters, which makes the task more difficult. Level 99 is one of those levels. The letters given for completion are in clockwise fashion “E-E-N-R-G”. Besides repeating letters, one additional thing that makes this level difficult is the fact that two of the correct responses end in e.


While many English words, in fact, end in E, one of these choices has a silent E, which is not very common.


5 possible solutions… but we can find just a few


There are five possible solutions in this game round according to the game creators. Of course, many participants first find the most obvious word which is GREEN. But that still leaves four more words for completion of this round. The next most frequent word to be found is GENE. Now the real fun begins, and this is where many have difficulties.


There is another word that can be created using all the letters. This word is GENRE. Many players miss this word because of its letter combination. Gene is then the choice that rounds out the 3 words with 4 or more letters. This then leaves the player with 2 words of 3 letters. Looking at possible combinations of 3 letters might leave a player frustrated, but one must think outside of the box to little-used words. These two words are GEN and REG.


Most people don’t use those words in daily life, but GEN is an often-used British word with 2 meanings. It is used as a noun, which means “information” and as a verb, which means “to find out about”.


On the other hand, REG is used as an abbreviation for either regulation or registration. Now you have all five of your words to complete Level 99 of Word Link: Greene Genre Gene Gen Reg.


At present, there are over 3850 levels and more being added to Word Link. So now that you have completed level 99, enjoy moving on past 100! Have fun!

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