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Download Word Link on PC or MAC FREE now!

This is one of the best Word Game ever! Play it offline at any time! DOWNLOAD to TRAIN your brain – for FREE, enjoy DAILY REWARDS! Download Word Link on PC or MAC FREE now!

What is Word Link? It’s a game whereby you link the letters shown on the opening chapter’s board and you form words with them as they are given to you. Sometimes you’ll find words that are in the required dictionary, sometimes you won’t. Either way, you can take your take to form the words as required by the number of empty tiles available.

It’s a great game if you want to relax and unwind! Who says words are scary? On the contrary, words are actually logical instead of Creative and this soothes the brain. When you form words with the letters, you’re using the left side of your brain, one that’s used to linguistics and mathematical formulas to understand things. So, play Word Link to relief your stress, or when your whole world seems random and illogical. Word Link is a soothing and mildly challenging game, in which you can take your time to solve puzzles.


Need more reasons to play Word Link?

Do you need more reasons to play Word Link? Apart from being a soothing fix for a stressful day, Word Link is lots of fun for those who love reading and who enjoy playing Boggle. As you progress in the levels, the challenges get harder. It actually energizes you instead of depresses you, because harder challenges give you a better boost of adrenaline rush!

Do you need help with some of the puzzles? Our Word Link solver and/or guide will be able to help you there! If you have lots of questions to ask about Word Link the game, then feel free to visit our Word Link knowledge base where there are many questions that may be able to help you figure things out easier. If you want to learn more about Word Link’s updates, then you can visit this page for more insider’s information regarding Word Link! Be kept up to date and enjoy playing the game at its finest!


What are you waiting for?

Yup, what are you waiting for? A world and war of words await you! Don’t hesitate, try and see if you don’t fall in love with this addictive word game after one or two rounds 😉 It’s time to download Word Link on PC today!

Want to prove your vocabulary’s better than average? Do you enjoy the excitement of classic word games like Scrabble or Boggle? Want to play a word game on a bigger screen – your PC? Get all three yeses when you play Word Link on PC! FREE DOWNLOAD NOW! We offer different word tests to train your brain! May the best creative speller win!


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Game Features

  • Simple, easy rules, swipe and connect to win a game!
  • Explore BONUS words to get additional rewards!
  • No time limit, adjust your pace at any level
  • Classic graphics, light music for you!
  • Play offline! No wifi required
  • Go back to previous levels anytime, so you can share difficult levels with friends
  • FREE hints, get tips without fees
  • 2000+ levels without repeat, be a word master in our training!
  • Kill time-no pressure no push!

Play it offline any time! the most unforgettable game experience for you!

Check out these game screenshots.

Word Link Screenshot
Word Link Screenshot

Download Word Link on PC or MAC FREE now | Play now

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