Word Link Guide

Ultimate Word Link Guide

On this Word Link Guide page, we will be providing tips and advice to guide you through Word Link.

There are two options on the Word Link game screen when you’re starting out: Play and Daily Puzzle.



There are 410 chapters available for you to solve. Each chapter consists of 5 Levels. Each level you finish you will have the option to get free diamonds by watching video advertisements. But if you are too lazy to watch these advertising videos, you can buy some diamonds. Diamonds can help you a lot throughout the game. You can buy hints with diamonds to help you solve the level you’re stuck on.


You will unlock the Daily Puzzle when you finish level 30. Daily Puzzle consists of Day 1 to Day 7. Each Day you finish gives you a certain amount of diamond reward, between 80 diamonds to 200 diamonds or above. Each Puzzle in the Daily Puzzle varies every day. Unlike with the Normal Play Mode, it is like a crossword puzzle. There are more words you need to find here in Daily Puzzle compare to Play Mode. Same with the Play Mode, there are some letters below you need to fill up the crossword puzzle above by using the letters below. You can jumble the letters when you feel stuck.



When you click the button on the left side, a pop-up window to show more game modes. There are seven extra game modes: Find Mode, Mole Mode, Imagine Mode, Nail Mode, Tooth Mode, Line Mode and Snake Mode. Once you have finished a certain level, you will unlock an extra game mode. For Find Mode, it will be unlocked once you finish level 35. Mole Mode needs you to finish level 40 to be unlocked. Imagine Mode will be available once you complete level 50. You can unlock Nail mode by finishing Level 60. Play Tooth Mode once you finish Level 80. Line Mode and Snake Mode will be available when you reach Level 90 and Level 100 respectively.


Compared to the Normal Mode or the Play Mode, these extra game modes have time limits that make it challenging for you guys. It will test your ability in visual search and spatial working memory tasks. This makes the Word Link stands out on other word game.


Each mode has different mechanics. For example, in Imagine Mode you will have three lives before you die. You lose a life when you answer the puzzle incorrectly. Sounds challenging, right?


The center button is the Collection. “Collection” is the compilation of bonus words. There 10,000 words you need to collect. Most levels have bonus words or extra words. Every level has an indication if bonus words are found in that level. If you have missed bonus words you might want to check it out here in Collection.

And lastly the right button, it’s the Game Settings. Game settings consist of Music, Sound, Quit Game, Contact, Share and Gift Code.


Moreover, the best part of the game is the non-existent time limit; adjust your pace at any level!

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