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Below, you will find the current updates. This includes free game updates to all our dearest users.

Word Link is published by Worzzle Game.  It’s a classical word game with a twist.



As they updated the game, Word Link improves a lot to become the best word just for you.

For the latest update, the Game developers added seven extra modes. These seven extra game modes are:

  • Find Mode
  • Mole Mode
  • Nail Mode
  • Tooth Mode
  • Line Mode
  • Snake Mode


Find Mode

For the last update, players noticed that the time limit was too fast. So the game developers decided to adjust the time limit for each level. Also additional levels were added. Each levels gets trickier this time.


Mole Mode

We noticed the accuracy of hitting the mole and its animation. It has been fixed on this latest update.


Nail Mode

Same with the Mole mode. We also fixed the accuracy of when hitting the nail. No more delay.


Tooth Mode

Tilting issue was already been fixed on this latest update and also the animation of the extraction forceps were fixed.


Snake Mode

We noticed a delayed of the movement of the snake so we adjust the movement speed and included it on this update. Added new sets of words and redesign the obstacle for this mode.


Normal Levels

For normal game mode, it’s been awhile since the last time we added some levels. So, we decided to add more levels and increase the bonus words found in each level. More bonus words more diamond rewards! We also increase the difficulty of each new level that has been added on this update.


Daily Puzzle

Increase the difficulty of each daily puzzle level. Added more diamond rewards.

For the technical stuffs, we already fixed some bugs and improve the navigation of each mode. You now can play it offline. Added new background music. Swiping the letters is more accurate. We already fixed the issue of delay in swiping the letters in all modes.  Fixed an issue in experiencing when updating the game, opening the game or crashing in between playing Word Link. Increase the rewards for each level completion and adjust repeatable level rewards.

We also added some features on this game. You can now go back to your previous levels anytime you want. You can now jump levels using diamonds. Levels completion now opens Find mode during normal level game mode. Find Mode in the normal level game is different from the Find Mode in extra modes. Added the shop, you can now buy diamonds by clicking the plus sign on the right side above. Gift code section was added in the settings. You can now redeem gift codes in the game. Is it so great? Watch out for gift codes we might give some gift codes in the near future for free!


Go back to previous levels anytime, so you can share difficult levels with friends.

Download Now, Wordlink for PC today!




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