The Best and Ideal Guide for Word Link Games Download for PC

This title is a fun and exciting word match filled with challenging little gameplays. So, if you are new to the title, then you may have a few questions about the main mechanics, especially if you are trapped between chapters and do not know what to do to continue. 

Or if you are new to the battle who just wants to get ahead of the pack, then some of the beginners’ tips and tricks below might help. Do take note that most of the suggestions below do contain some spoilers. Nevertheless, they will not, in one way or another will ruin the entire experience.  With that said, feel free to browse through the tips below for more details.


Tip #1 Mind the “S”

One of the essential activities is collecting diamonds. Diamonds can get used to revealing items in the match. This matter makes this precious gem one of the vital commodities in the title. With that, one of the best ways of collecting or acquiring a diamond is by discovering unique words not related to the current thing. In line with this, one method you can use to maximize this technique is to always make a lookout for the letter “s.” You see, one of the easiest ways to form words is to use the plural form of each term, especially if there is a letter “s” present on the board. This way, you can farm a lot of words and exchange them for diamonds afterward.


Word Link – Fun Word Letter Match Game on PC


Tip #2 Diamond Farming

As you may have known by now, based on the first tip, diamonds are an essential commodity in every phase. Don’t get me wrong; farming crystals are natural. This matter is due to the multiple ways it offers the player to farm these precious gems. Nevertheless, as easy as it may sound, the cost of each letter is quite expensive. For example, a player who wants to reveal a 5-letter word would need 500 diamonds to do it. Adding to the dilemma is that the further you go, the harder the item and gameplay become. 

With that said, it is vital for farm diamonds from the beginning of your match and uses them only if necessary. The cost of each letter will drain all the rings in your bank in no time. In other words, always remember to farm and spend your diamonds wisely. 


Tip #3 Have a break and Watch some Ads

Like a most free-to-play match, the title needs a monetization scheme to fund future improvements or updates. It means that each time you click on an ad to double your diamond earrings, you are also helping the developers pay their bills. That is a win-win structure for both players and developers. One important thing to remember when playing is that you have the option not to click for ads. 

This fun match also provides you the ability to skip on some ads at the end of each phase, which is pretty generous. In line with that, it is also fair to give the developers a shout out for this free-to-play gem. And the best way to do that is by watching some ads while earning diamonds in return. By doing this, you can be sure that it remains free and stable in the future. So what are you waiting for now? Click on the download button on this page and enjoy the title today straight from your PC.