Word Link: Jump into a Twisting Game Features of the Word Link Online

Like most casual word matches, come with spectacular features and add-ons. This thing is to make sure that your gaming experience becomes even more exciting and immersive than ever before. Some of these features come in the form of mini-matches that you can play in case you need a break. That said, check out some of these unique features in the list below.

Easy to Learn Gameplay Mechanics

The main gameplay structure comes from the same fundamental element seen in most casual gameplay. It only means it employs the use of an easy-to-learn control scheme accessible to players of all ages. Not to mention that in this version, players can customize the gameplay controls for your PC. Do take note that this title is best for mobile devices. The best part of this version is that you can shy away from the tap/swipe controls and switch to the point and click control scheme. 

A Plethora of Challenging Phases

Word Link – Challenging Game Levels to Play in PC


Like most word casual matches, it is packed full of challenging levels just waiting for you to explore. Immerse yourself into an ever-growing collection of challenging word gameplays for you and your friends. Prepare for an extravaganza of challenges along with some unique and exciting mini-gameplay for you to exploit. So if you are in for exciting all-out word gameplay, then this title is the best match for you.  


Unlimited Matches 

Another unique feature in this title is that it allows for unlimited gameplay for its players. Compared to other gameplay, This fun match does not penalize the player for playing any of the levels, including the mini-matches. This thing means that you can try as much as you want anytime at your convenience. You do not have to wait for a couple of hours to refresh your resources.

Furthermore,  It allows you to earn as many diamonds as you want. Also, if ever you run out of diamonds, it offers you a convenient way to make diamonds with just a click of a button.  


Rewards and Bonuses 

In addition to being free of charge, it also comes with tons of rewards and bonuses for both new and veteran players. For one, It comes with the usual daily login bonus that you can collect simply by logging each time. Besides, this title also comes with a regular feature that allows you to earn more diamonds.


Word Link – Fun Word Scramble Games for Free


On top of that, you can also earn even more rewards by discovering new words in the match, which you can later trade for even more diamonds. Even better is that you can gain access to even more bonuses by merely clicking on a select button that allows you to watch a short ad. Plus, you also have the option of multiplying your rewards by up to 50x by watching an ad.