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Do you want to improve your vocabulary? Enjoy the excitement of a classic word game? Wish to play on a much bigger PC screen? Access all in our Word Link game! Download Word Link on PC FREE now! There are multiple literary and psychological tests to train your brain!

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What is Word Link?

We’re glad you asked! Download Word Link PC to finally understand what Word Link is all about! We’re kidding. Word Link is a great game to exercise your linguistical abilities. Or to just unwind after a tiring day. Contrary to popular belief, this word game does NOT give one a headache! You won’t feel pressured or stressed when you play it. Why? It doesn’t have a time limit for the challenges, and you can take your own sweet time.
Link or join the letters adjacent or diagonally adjacent to each other in order to make words. You need to see the number of slots that are present in the puzzle board. If it calls for a five-letter word, you can’t pass the level simply by churning out perfect words of four letters each. You need to find the five letter word before you can rest on your laurels. Anyway, it’s not a big deal. There’s no time limit. So you can spend the whole day or five minutes trying to solve the puzzle.
Check out our Word Link guides for more information on how to play the game well. Explore the different game mode features, or try Word Link solver if you’re stuck and need answers. Read up about our Word Link updates or check out the Word Link knowledge base to find out more about the different questions you may have about the game.


Word Lovers, rejoice!

It’s time to rejoice, word lovers! Finally, you can play a game that can be functional without a competitor. The only true opponent is yourself, apparently. Convert your love for words and books into this Word Link game! Time to spell out fun and turn alphabet soup words into proper words! With over 2000 levels of challenges in Word Link, you’re definitely not going to feel bored or resigned! Think it’s easy at the beginning? We bet you’ll start worrying at level 200 onwards!
Download Word Link PC today and have the wordiest blast of your life!
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